ZZZZZzzzzzz: The NDA Online Anaesthesia Museum

The NDA Online Anaesthesia MuseumGreat image resource from Oxford University’s Nuffield Department of Anaesthetics.

The departmental museum was collected by Richard “Dicky” Salt over many years, from a wide variety of sources in the UK and abroad. The collection had never been adequately listed, so in early 1997 it was professionally catalogued by Audrey Eccles. The whole collection was then photographed by Nick White of Oxford Medical Illustration. All the photographs (about 320 images on 35mm slides) were digitised, and stored as high resolution TIFF and low resolution JPEG files. Images can be browsed by category, or selected by searching for keyword(s). Items which match the search criteria are displayed as thumbnails. Clicking on the thumbnails in either mode results in a larger version of the image being displayed, with its full catalogue listing.

26MB image files can be obtained by contacting the NDA. Licensing and usage information is available on the site.