Raising Condom Consciousness in Paris

Raising Condom Consciousness in ParisMeant to mention this NYT article a while ago:

The AIDS-prevention campaign was started two years ago with hard-hitting images: one showed a coffin, another a sidewalk strewn with cadavers. The lighter-hearted effort by the mayor’s office this year, including the distribution of 500,000 free condoms, is called “Paris Plasirs, Paris Capotes” (“Paris Pleasures, Paris Rubbers”). The posters are illustrated by Jean-Louis Cornalba.

They “combine a cartoonish imagination with the French proclivity for sexy, semiotic irony. The wedding of prophylactics and historical landmarks has delighted both Parisians and the capital’s millions of tourists so much that the mayor’s office has received many requests for copies of them. This summer when the banks of the Seine are turned into an extravagant beachfront, the government plans to pass out more than 100,000 postcards of the designs.