Virtopsy®: “Graphic, yes. Gory, no”

Virtopsy®: Autopsy Without a ScalpelVirtopsy® was born from the desire to implement new techniques in radiology for the benefit of forensic science.

From the Popular Science article “Why Give a Dead Man a Body Scan?“:

It’s a criticism supported by the cacophony of the courtroom, where prosecutors and defense lawyers often present dueling pathologists, each reinterpreting autopsy reports to favor one side or the other. Complicating a jury’s difficulty in following such arguments are the typically gore-drenched autopsy photos that prompt many to turn away in horror. “We [in Switzerland] are not so used to shows like CSI,” Thali points out. “It can be a real problem.” In the future that Thali envisions, any pathologist taking the witness stand can bloodlessly redissect the victim in full view of the jury by calling forth the original data stored on the discs. “Graphic, yes. Gory, no,” he says.