Where have you been?

The short answer: I’ve been really, really busy at work.

I was on both Merck teams that presented at FDA advisory committees meetings this year – the MEVACOR OTC meeting in January and the multi-sponsor COX-II meeting last month. After that I took some time off and tried to spend as little time online as was possible. Now I’m back in action and am planning on making TEHI part of my regular routine again. However, I want to try something a little different. Up to now, most of my posts have been quick pointers to other posts or websites with a little commentary tossed in. These posts were fine for getting backlinks and gaining Google ranking, but they were pretty unsatisfying from creative standpoint. I’m now going to try to post longer, more in-depth pieces to the main blog on a less frequent basis. The quick pointers will continue, but will now reside in the sidebar to the right. I’m going to shoot for posting once a week either on Saturday or Sunday.