Eels in Vinegar

Eels in VinegarSorry for the lack of posts lately. I’m also very well aware that the promised HeSCA Conference Wrap Up is still in my draft queue. However, I think I have a good reason for being so neglectful (and it has nothing with spending a week down the Jersey Shore). Just three months after launching Visual Being, I found myself co-founding yet another blog.

Eels in Vinegar is “Dedicated to excellence in biocommuncation and is inspired by the work of Robert Hooke and his successors.” It was created by myself and two other HeSCA members Christopher Sarley and Keven Siegert after we dicussed the need for a HeSCA-related blog at the conference in Seattle.

To borrow the words I used for the Visual Being announcement…

We are only just beginning to get off the ground, lining up contributors, working out the kinks, etc. There are a few posts there now but were hoping to have a lot more stuff in the near future. Enjoy!

You have to visit the site to find out what the name refers to.