The Scientist: “The Power of the Blog”

The Scientist: “The Power of the Blog”, an article by David Secko in the August 1, 2005 issue of The Scientist, examines why weblogging hasn’t penetrated the scientific community as completely as it has the business community. It documents what progress has been made so far and provides a great list of science blogs which, by the way, includes TEHI (welcome to everyone who followed the link here). I strongly agree with Secko’s major theme:

Blogging is a form of communication that is sweeping through business, and although it’s yet to significantly break into the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, few believe it’s going to stop at their gates. So, if you’re not reading one, or better yet, writing one, you’re missing the opportunities others are taking advantage of.

It sounds like a whole lot of people better get cracking.