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Slice of Life

Slice of LifeAn annual conference at which medical and health science educators and developers gather from around the world to explore and share the uses of multimedia and information technology in medical education. The focus is on cutting edge developments, implementation of courseware, eLearning, web enhanced curricula, wireless mobile computing, graphic design, animation and digital video. Curricular integration, sharing and evaluation are central themes.

The 2005 conference was in June but there is a low-volume mailing list that distributes information about their activities and events that I joined. Maybe I can make next year. It looks like there were about ten sessions I would have liked to attend (“Virtual Reality and Anatomy Learning”, “Managing Your Digital Multimedia Assets: The HEALster Project”, “Story-Telling, Emotion, and Media in Technology-Based Medical Education”…). Of course, I would have had to have gone from the HeSCA meeting to InfoComm then straight to Slice of Life.

HeSCA Conference

HeSCA ConferenceI arrived in a cool and cloudy Seattle this afternoon for the 46th International Conference on Health & Science Communications. This is the first time I’ve been to this conference although I’ve been involved with the HeSCA for a couple years now. It’s nice to be able to put faces to names and voices. After a thought provoking talk (details to follow later) about the early days of the association there was a fund raising auction that was a lot of fun because all the participants knew each other so well. All in all a very nice group of people.

Tomorrow morning I’ll be on a panel discussing scientific poster production (which I mentioned earlier on Visual Being). I’m going to transfer the notes I worked up in preparation for the session into my wiki and I’ll flesh them out in the next few weeks as time allows. It should be interesting to see how other organizations handle the poster creation process.

Explore the 3rd World Congress of Medical and Scientific Imaging

Explore the 3rd World Congress of Medical and Scientific ImagingSlated for August 25-29, 2005, registration for the 3rd World Congress of Medical and Scientific Imaging should be open soon:

In keeping with our theme, ‘Explore: Discover the Possibilities’, the 2005 World Congress aims to inform delegates of the latest trends in medical and scientific imaging so that the potential of modern technologies can be fully realised. … The program will consist of 3 days of academic papers, a professional exhibition, and a unique opportunity to take part in a Great Barrier Reef expedition.

See you there? (Oh who am I kidding? Like it would be possible to get the powers-that-be to shake loose the necessary funds.)