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Eels in Vinegar

Eels in VinegarSorry for the lack of posts lately. I’m also very well aware that the promised HeSCA Conference Wrap Up is still in my draft queue. However, I think I have a good reason for being so neglectful (and it has nothing with spending a week down the Jersey Shore). Just three months after launching Visual Being, I found myself co-founding yet another blog.

Eels in Vinegar is “Dedicated to excellence in biocommuncation and is inspired by the work of Robert Hooke and his successors.” It was created by myself and two other HeSCA members Christopher Sarley and Keven Siegert after we dicussed the need for a HeSCA-related blog at the conference in Seattle.

To borrow the words I used for the Visual Being announcement…

We are only just beginning to get off the ground, lining up contributors, working out the kinks, etc. There are a few posts there now but were hoping to have a lot more stuff in the near future. Enjoy!

You have to visit the site to find out what the name refers to.

HeSCA Conference

HeSCA ConferenceI arrived in a cool and cloudy Seattle this afternoon for the 46th International Conference on Health & Science Communications. This is the first time I’ve been to this conference although I’ve been involved with the HeSCA for a couple years now. It’s nice to be able to put faces to names and voices. After a thought provoking talk (details to follow later) about the early days of the association there was a fund raising auction that was a lot of fun because all the participants knew each other so well. All in all a very nice group of people.

Tomorrow morning I’ll be on a panel discussing scientific poster production (which I mentioned earlier on Visual Being). I’m going to transfer the notes I worked up in preparation for the session into my wiki and I’ll flesh them out in the next few weeks as time allows. It should be interesting to see how other organizations handle the poster creation process.


ContestsThe Frank Netter Award

For the Vesalius Trust, developing and supporting research and education in visual communications means more than simply raising and dispersing funds. It also means raising the awareness of the health-care community about the value and impact of visual communications, and encouraging researchers and educators to effectively use visual communications.

The Frank Netter Award for Special Contributions to Medical Education annually recognizes the person or persons who have recently developed visually oriented educational materials with either proven or potential impact on the way health sciences are taught and/or practiced. The Award was established in 1990 to honor Dr. Netter’s lifetime contribution to medical education, which greatly aided the advancement of visual communications in the health sciences, and contributed immeasurably to the promotion of medical illustration as a profession.

Entrants have come from around the world, exemplifying excellence in the integrated use of visual communications and instructional technology in medical and health science education.

The application deadline for the 2004 Dr. Frank Netter Award is December 10, 2004.

The 2005 HeSCA Media Festivals

The Health and Science Communications Association is proud to announce the 31th annual HeSCA Media Festi­vals. The Festivals are an international forum for health sciences media. Our goal is to showcase and recognize those individuals and organizations whose works represent the very best in health sciences media production.

Productions entered in the competition are subjected to a demanding peer review using standardized judging criteria. A select number of these entries are presented prestigious awards at special ceremonies held in conjunction with the HeSCA Annual Meeting in Seattle, Washington, June 4, 2005.

All productions are highlighted in the HeSCA Media Festivals Catalog, which has become a standard media reference for the health sciences. Selected entries may also be presented in the “Winners Festival” at the HeSCA Annual Meet­ing. The Catalog, including a list of winners, will be posted to the HeSCA website ( immediately following the Annual Meeting.

The HeSCA Media Festival Catalog offers access to your work to a concen­trated group of health science communications profession­als while providing a widely disseminated, permanent media reference.

Entries, Forms & Fees must be Received by January 31, 2005