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Eels in Vinegar

Eels in VinegarSorry for the lack of posts lately. I’m also very well aware that the promised HeSCA Conference Wrap Up is still in my draft queue. However, I think I have a good reason for being so neglectful (and it has nothing with spending a week down the Jersey Shore). Just three months after launching Visual Being, I found myself co-founding yet another blog.

Eels in Vinegar is “Dedicated to excellence in biocommuncation and is inspired by the work of Robert Hooke and his successors.” It was created by myself and two other HeSCA members Christopher Sarley and Keven Siegert after we dicussed the need for a HeSCA-related blog at the conference in Seattle.

To borrow the words I used for the Visual Being announcement…

We are only just beginning to get off the ground, lining up contributors, working out the kinks, etc. There are a few posts there now but were hoping to have a lot more stuff in the near future. Enjoy!

You have to visit the site to find out what the name refers to.

Where have you been?

The short answer: I’ve been really, really busy at work.

I was on both Merck teams that presented at FDA advisory committees meetings this year – the MEVACOR OTC meeting in January and the multi-sponsor COX-II meeting last month. After that I took some time off and tried to spend as little time online as was possible. Now I’m back in action and am planning on making TEHI part of my regular routine again. However, I want to try something a little different. Up to now, most of my posts have been quick pointers to other posts or websites with a little commentary tossed in. These posts were fine for getting backlinks and gaining Google ranking, but they were pretty unsatisfying from creative standpoint. I’m now going to try to post longer, more in-depth pieces to the main blog on a less frequent basis. The quick pointers will continue, but will now reside in the sidebar to the right. I’m going to shoot for posting once a week either on Saturday or Sunday.


BreakOkay, I guess it’s pretty obvious by now, TEHI is on a break. Between the holidays and yet another major project at work, I can’t come up with the time to do much posting to the main blog. For the next few weeks, all the action will be in the “Asides” side bar to the right. I can post to it with a minimum investment of time and it has an RSS feed for those of you who prefer to not visit the blogs they read. I have a huge backlog of links to share in my Furl archive so I should be able to keep “Asides” pretty fresh. I plan on being back to posting in the main blog sometime in the middle of January. See you in the new year.


Okay, enough tweaking and fooling around. There will be a new post on TEHI by this weekend. In the meantime, as you will have noticed if you actually visited the site and aren’t reading this via RSS feed, I’ve added a random quote function to the top of the page. I plan on keeping the quotes used here pretty well focused on scientific visualization. Please feel free to share any quotes that you think would be a good fit. I would also appreciate it if you could let me know of any other features that you would like to see added to TEHI.


MovedWell, TEHI is now in it’s new digs and I’m busy unpacking boxes and moving stuff around. Please feel free to drop me a comment if there’s something not working right or a there’s a feature you would like added. I’m planning on getting back to regular posting by the end of the week.


Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Things have been very busy at work and I’ve been looking to change The Eyes Have It over to a new content management system. After a lot of research and several test drives, I have finally decided to go with WordPress. If you’re interested, you can follow the progress of my attempt to port my Blogger template to the new system here. It’s pretty ugly, I know, but I only have time to work on it on the weekends. I have about 40 ideas for future posts in my Furl account so once thing settle down I should be coming back strong.

Hiatus (Again)

Hiatus (Again)The Eyes Have It will be on hiatus for the rest of the Spring. I have a couple major projects to get off the ground and I need to make a dent in the pile of books that’s been accumulating since I started using Bloglines. I’m planning on returning shortly after Memorial Day, let’s say sometime during the first week in June. Please continue to sent me any material that you think needs to be mentioned here. See you in a few weeks. (Thanks to Jackson Gastroenterology for the apt image.)

Gone Fishin’

Gone Fishin Will be back on or around the 29th. If you have a moment, please check out Flickr, the newest social networking site that just debuted at O’Reilly’s Emerging Technology Conference. It’s very good at handling visual media. Once I get back to business here, I plan on starting a community space on Flickr for whatever tiny audience TEHI might have. You’ll be able to comment on whatever’s posted here and I’m thinking it might be interesting to try to get a weekly chat going. In the meantime, please feel free to join the TEHI group that’s already been established there.

Site Redesign (cont’d)

Site RedesignOkay, here we go. The first draft of the redesign is up and running. I still need to bring over some left sidebar content from the old version, all the old posts need to be converted so they work with XHTML/CSS and the CSS needs to be cleaned up. I’ve only had a chance to test it in IE6 and Mozilla 1.4 so if you notice something that seems broken, please let me know. I hope to begin posting for real before Christmas. Thanks for your patience.

Site Redesign

Site RedesignI’m currently in the process of redesigning The Eyes Have It so posts are going to few and far between for a while. The new version is going to have a tableless, CSS-based, three-column layout and will include a side blog and a random image rotator. A snapshot of the progress that’s been made thus far can be found here. It obviously has a ways to go. From time to time the current draft version might be live here as I test it in Blogger.