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Seen on the web 2006-01-20

UVa-HSL: Very Ill! – 19th Century Medical Caricature
“While some caricatures were straightforward in their message, others contained yet another layer of meaning. Medical conditions could symbolize failed interpersonal relationships, national political affairs, and everything in between.”
(tags: art illustration medical)

Nikon Small World – Photomicrography Competition
“Small World is regarded as the leading forum for showcasing the beauty and complexity of life as seen through the light microscope. For over 30 years, Nikon has rewarded the world’s best photomicrographers…” (Deadline for Entries: April 28, 2006)
(tags: art images microscope photography photomicrography photos science)

Quick Links for 2005-11-23

“McDonald’s Corp. today unveiled a global packaging format listing nutritional information with easy-to-read icons and bar charts that one of the fast-food giant’s biggest critics is calling a ‘useful step forward.'”
(tags: design health medical news typography)

Senate urges using tech for medical records
(tags: medicine news technology)

Design Observer: The Great Non-Amber-Colored Hope
“A student design for a prescription pill bottle takes a metoric rise to mass production and becomes an instant icon in the world of graphic design.”
(tags: design health medicine)

Quick Links for 2005-11-10

Flash of Anatomy
Documenting, via Flash, the process of drawing a person starting with the skeleton (skips the internal organs). Slightly NSFW for a few moments.
(tags: animation art drawing flash)

Is Your Design Career Stuck?
“I could be wrong, but I think there are quite a few designers going through this same type of thing. What are you going to do (or what have you done) to get past a career that seems “stuck?'”
(tags: career design)

Quick Links for 2005-11-07

Nature Erratum
The life and opinions of young molecular biology scientist.
(tags: science)

Docs, hospitals continue drive to go totally digital
“It’s really not about technology. Tech­nology is the enabler.”
(tags: medical technology)

FDA orders digital drug labels
Drug makers must begin submitting electronic versions of their drug labels to build a database that doctors and patients can search for recent warnings or other changes, the Food and Drug Administration said Wednesday.
(tags: system:unfiled)

Quick Links for 2005-11-06

Particletree · Typography Crash Course Roundup
You can spend your whole life obsessing over type.
(tags: design fonts reference tutorial typography)

World’s first wide-format pen tablet from Wacom

Photoshop tip: Change a filter’s default settings
(tags: photoshop tips)

Perfect medical presentations: creating effective PowerPoint presentations for the healthcare professional
(tags: books medical presentations science)